Hunting Together! Predation Substitute Training by Simone Mueller

$17.95 USD

Format: Paperback book. 

Do you wish your dog would listen to you on walks, rather than running after squirrels? Read on! (also note that Simone has some live classes on my site - scroll down to learn more).

Predation Substitute Training (PST) is a motivation-based and need-oriented training program, designed to stop uncontrolled predatory chasing and to provide safe outlets for your dog’s natural drive. Instead of making discipline the nagging factor that spoils the fun, this training system will help you grow as a team and go hunting together!

 In this book you’ll learn:

  • What is predation?
  • Why does your dog love to hunt?
  • Why is predatory behavior so hard to interrupt?

With step-by-step instructions for:

  • Prevention: Structure your walks to set your dog up for success!
  • Predation Substitute Tools: Help your dog control their urge to chase in a healthy way.
  • Predation Substitute Games: Discover new ways to express predatory energy in a safe, controlled environment.
  • Safety net: Build a strong “emergency cue” to immediately interrupt predatory chasing.

About the Author: Simone Mueller is a certified dog trainer, dog behaviourist, and owner of the Training4Paws Dog School near Heidelberg, Germany. Simone is proud to be an Associate Trainer at the Scotland-based Lothlorien Dog Training Club (AT-LDTC) and a member of both the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE).

Simone's also teaching popular classes about problem chasing and hunting in my online dog school: 

Her classes are hugely popular! Here's a review of the webinar: "As a dog owner I found this webinar really helpful & would highly recommend to anyone who has a critter mad dog! Or trainers for their clients. Some things I had instinctively been doing but to see & hear how to use them properly with suitable cues I found amazing, it was like 'oh yeah' lightbulb moments! It's only been a week or so since I watched it and I have felt much more confident in what I'm doing & there has already been a definite difference in my dog's behaviour when we come across squirrels. Brilliant, informative, well presented webinar which I'm so glad I found."