About Grisha

Grisha Stewart, professional dog trainer, sells dog training supplies

Hi and thanks for being here!

I'm a professional dog trainer, author, and international dog training speaker. I founded and ran the Ahimsa Dog Training school in Seattle for 13 years and am now happily based in the gorgeous countryside of Oregon, USA, from which I teach an online dog training school for professional dog trainers and pet lovers. I still travel for seminars, but instead of 3 weeks gone and 1 week home, I accept only very limited speaking engagements.

I specialize in dog reactivity, socialization, and problem solving via empowerment. My techniques are dog-friendly, science-based, and grounded in the idea that behavior exists to meet a need.

Dog training is my life calling, and I've enjoyed teaching families and professional dog trainers how to live in community with dogs since 2001.

My goal isn't to make this the world's largest dog shop, but rather to make it easy for people to get the products I recommend most. I’m obsessed with teaching the best skills and and finding humane gear to improve quality of life for dogs and their people.

I’m best known as the BAT-woman, because of a technique I developed and called Behavior Adjustment Training. I published my first book about BAT in 2010.

My second book, "The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual: A Practical, Force-Free Guide to Problem Solving & Manners," was published in 2012 and updated in 2014. I wrote it as the textbook for the 40+ weekly dog training classes at my Ahimsa Dog Training school in Seattle. 

I’ve produced a dozen DVDs, with 6 DVDs currently in print (BAT Empowerment series). These are also available in streaming format.

In early 2016, I released my third book, Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0: New Practical Techniques for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs. BAT 2.0 is an updated technique for aggression, frustration, and fear, and socialization; it replaces the first BAT book. It's available to order here on my site (and other places, but here is best) as an eBook and signed paperback. I developed BAT 3.0 in 2022 and the BAT 2.0 book is still the best book on the subject. The BAT 3.0 book will add to that information, not replace it.

I started an online dog training school in 2015. In 2020, I updated the school website to include the current courses and a ton more. There are over 100 courses and counting, with new ones every month from other speakers and me. 

In 2020 I developed the leash belay technique to easily walk dogs of all sizes. In 2023, I released a leash belay kit here in the shop.

I also write and play music, climb rocks, read voraciously (dog behavior, psychology, spirituality, sci-fi, fantasy, social justice, etc.), and love the outdoors. My podcast is The Lesson is Love.

Here's a video that brings together my interest in music and dogs:

Thanks again for being here! Ready to start shopping?