BAT Practice at Shelters (Streaming Recorded Live Course)

$99.00 USD

Format: Streaming Recorded Live Course. 

In this first-of-its-kind course, I coached an animal shelter team via video chat on live BAT set-ups and other techniques for dog reactivity.

Ideal for Trainers, Shelter Workers, or anyone with previous knowledge of BAT who would like to watch it in action. 


  • How to coach clients to use BAT for dog aggression, frustration, and fear, including the BAT leash skills.

  • How to choose a training location to do BAT.

  • How to choose and change the environment to promote exploration and safety.

  • How to manage training set-ups in real-time, to maximize learning and reduce arousal.

  • Shelter-specific advice for dog reactivity.

NOTE: If you have already enrolled in this course or are a Diamond member of my online school, please visit the school and look in your Dashboard for access. You also should have an email with a link. Thanks!

Customer Reviews

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Deborah Manheim
BAT Practice at Shelters

A wonderful course. Ability to really see body language, dissect it, and figure out ways to BAT triggers with a fairly difficult/high energy dog. Great team of trainers. Dayna really did a swell job of handling some of the tougher moments. Laura was a great coach and Grisha - so helpful with your play by play commentary. Great to have so many eyes on Sophie.