Consent: Don't Just Grab the Pussy Cat (Recorded Live Webinar)

$29.00 USD

Format: Streaming video of a recorded live webinar (1.75 hr). This is a digital product. 

Did you know that your dog might not actually like being picked up? Or that "not running away" is not the same as your cat consenting to be petted? Did you know that putting your hand out into a dog's space is actually NOT polite?

Consent before contact creates a trust that's important for interactions in all species. One of the interesting and tragic things about consent is that it is applied differently to different genders, species, and cultural groups. This webinar digs into the concept of consent for animal care and links it to consent for contact between humans.

ADULT CONTENT WARNING: This seminar is not just about dog training, but also about personal contact between humans. I recommend only adults register, as there will be some discussion of consent and safe words between humans for intimate contact (including sex). This is not your usual dog training seminar.

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