Teamwork for Mutual Empowerment (Recorded Live Webinar)

$29.00 USD

Format: Recorded Live Webinar. This is a digital product. 

Looking for a great way to jumpstart your dog training and have a stronger relationship with your dog? Or maybe you're a professional trainer looking for better ways to train or explain?  

This 2.25 hour on-demand streaming video is packed with modern, science-based training info with practical advice. You'll learn how to solve behavior problems and build a reliable relationship with your dog. A need-based approach (rather than the outdated dominance model) creates a culture of trust and mutual respect. 


  • How unmet needs lead to problems

  • Solving problems with empowerment

  • Using empowerment for aggression, frustration, and fear in dogs - example: Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)

  • How to read body language and ask your dog questions

  • How to encourage cooperation, for example, with: Coming when called, polite walking, and vet care / grooming

  • Very helpful for regular pet families. Also useful for professional trainers who want an introduction to BAT and empowerment techniques.

Completion certificate and Certified Professional Dog Trainer CEUS available.

NOTE: If you have already enrolled in this course or are a Diamond member of my online school, please visit the school and look in your Dashboard for access. You also should have an email with a link. Thanks!