Ahimsa Dog Training Manual: Wholesale Orders (English, Sets of 20)

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This 160-page book is an introduction to dog training that started as the companion exercises for Ahimsa Dog Training classes in Seattle.

It has practical exercises that start from a basic level and work up through advanced work on the most important behaviors for dogs to know. This quick manual is helpful for dog trainers to use with clients or new ideas for exercises and for breeders to share with new puppy parents.

The Ahimsa Manual includes info on how dogs learn, clicker training, how to get rid of bad behaviors (puppy biting, fear/aggression, separation anxiety, etc.), and how to teach good behaviors, like coming when called, the name, watch, relaxation, sit, down, stay, wait, touch, walking on leash, give, go to your bed, and more! Illustrations help make the information clear and entertaining. 

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