Symmetry Line: All in One Double-Ended Dog Leash 16 Feet 3/8 inch

$46.99 USD

The Symmetry Line is the dog leash version of a multi-tool (a multi-leash?) that I designed to use during dog training and emergency situations. I use it most for walking two dogs at once, although you can technically walk up to four dogs with it.

It's soft on the hands, and easy to use. These leashes are long to give freedom and choice while maintaining safety. You can use it as a long line for training and everyday walking with your dog(s).

For safety and comfort, please use the BAT Leash Skills with this leash. (Learn more in the Walk With Me video and the Effort-Less Walks webinar.)

My first purpose with the Symmetry Line was to create a long line that has built-in targets for braking distance and distance to your dog when teaching the BAT leash skills. But it has many other uses, too! See the video above for 10 of the many ways to use this all-in-one dog leash. Here are some of the uses:

    • 16 Foot Double-dog leash
    • Clip to front and back of a 2-clip harness in two easy-to manage ways
    • Emergency front-clip harness and leash
    • Emergency rear-clip harness and leash
    • Emergency harness and leash with 2 points of contact
    • Safely leash and unleash dogs in shelter kennels (makes an easy-to-remove limited-slip lead that you can take off of the dog from outside the kennel)
    • Adjustable handle size (good for gloves)
    • Temporary dog tether
    • Hands-free dog walking
    • And more!
    • When you order you will get a link to the instruction page

    The workmanship of this long leash is obvious when you hold it. The soft leashes are round and feel very "alive" in your hands and feel "broken in" right from the start. Handcrafted in the USA. Made of waterproof, colorfast, durable multi-filament polypropylene solid core roping features all brass hardware and oil tanned leather splices.

    Choose your color from the chart at the bottom. Note that hardware is all in SOLID BRASS, which is different from our regular long leash (where the hardware color depends on leash color).

    Size Guide: This is a medium weight leash suitable for dogs under 15-35 pounds (16kg). It will likely hold more, but there is risk of rope burn with larger/faster dogs unless you're using the newest BAT leash skills.

    Shipping Weight: 12oz (340g)