Smoke Alarm Training for Your Dog by Anders Hallgren MSc

$10.95 USD

Format: Paperback Book.

Swedish animal behaviorist and psychologist Anders Hallgren teaches how to train your dog to have a nose for smoke and fire. This is the first book of its kind in the world and we are super excited to be stocking it! 

With step by step instructions and illustrative photos, you can teach your dog to warn you before the smoke alarm goes off. 

Climate change has meant that fires have become more and more prevalent and we predict that every city will have at least one or two Smoke Alarm Training specialists within the next 10 years.

Anders Hallgren is one of the pioneers of modern, force-free dog training. He was examined 1971 as a psychologist, MSc, at the University of Stockholm, Sweden, so he is considered to be the first dog psychologist in the world.

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