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Leash Belay Hardware Kit (NEW!)

$54.72 CAD

NEW!!! You can now purchase a larger 12kn carabiner from us!! Just select it from the option!!  Handless (no handle) leashes are now available 

Leash Belaying is my new humane, dog-friendly technique that employs a pulley and brake to make it easier to walk dogs who pull.

I've used it to transition off of devices like prong collars or head collars. I developed leash belaying from my rock climbing experience, and it's used to gently stop dogs and more easily maintain balance. It's an excellent way to make leash walking more accessible to people with low grip strength.

I couldn't stop smiling the first time I tested out the concept. And now we've finally put together the best gear for the belt belay!

Here's what a student had to say about the technique: "Went for our first walk using the belay with a 23ft leash (very large, very fast dog and his used-to long-line length). My dog weighs almost the same as I do and for the first time, I was not afraid all the time that I would fall if he bolts suddenly. Still training my leash-handling-skills, but it makes it so much easier to practice and I feel more confident and able to keep us safe - thank you so much for this incredible idea! Your teaching is really giving my dog the freedom to just be a dog and not live on a work-or-off-to-bed-schedule ❤️" - Hettar Küry

With the leash belay, you'll be able to use a long line with any dog and not worry about rope burn or losing balance. The BAT leash skills that I teach in Walk With Me and the BAT 2.0 Book were already great at helping with that, and can be enough for many dogs. That said, the leash belay is a whole new level of ease and also leaves one of your hands free for other things, like feeding treats. 

NOTE: The leash belay technique does take a little practice, but once you get it down, it’s so much easier on your body and your dog’s body, too. Definitely be sure to learn how to use this gear in the Leash Belay Practice webinar  $29.00 or from a CBATI or other experienced professional.

Use this link to get an idea of the set up and uses for the Leash Belay information. 

This isn't the only way to leash belay. You can cobble together your own gear out of parts from a climbing or hardware store, and I have instructions for that in the Effort-Less Dog Walking class. By popular demand, I have tested a TON of gear and assembled a kit with the best equipment, so you can try this amazing technique for yourself without needing to search all around. 

This kit is the very best gear I've found, using lightweight, durable, well-crafted climbing equipment.  The kit you see pictured on the product photo is the unit you will receive. In the training films you may see some of the other set ups that I have tried. If you find you need a larger carabiner to fit your belt, the  only difference would be that it would be a bit more bulky. You can now purchase a larger carabiner 12kn from us!! Just select it from the option!!

What else you will need (pictured here, but not included):
* a round long leash at least 9 feet long. We sell 15 foot BAT leashes in 3/8" for dogs under 35 pounds and 1/2" for dogs over 35 pounds with handles and 30 or 50 foot leashes without handles.
* a hip belt. Any wide belt down on your hips will do, although I like using something made for dog walking, like the Ruffwear Trail runner. We'll be selling those soon, too.

Safety tips:

This is not a no-brainer. It takes practice. :) Always be sure that you feel safe with your gear. If not, practice until you do, or switch to something else. Learn how to use this gear.

In particular, practice using the braking action with one hand. Practice balancing, as you would walking on any gear. If you want to be able to drop the leash in an emergency and not be tied in, use a leash without a handle (or cut yours off and seal it with heat or duct tape), as shown in one of the videos below. Or you can get a belt with an emergency release. Personally, my leash has handle and I still feel safe.

Note: This is not a training device, per se, it just makes it so your dog can't get the reinforcement of walking forward by pulling. It's excellent for transitioning off of a prong collar, no pull harness, or head collar. For actually teaching the dog (and you) to stop pulling on leash, I recommend the Walk With Me webinar linked above or my master class, the Stop Pulling course.

We ship anywhere. Free shipping within the US!  The Rings will ship in Random colors either Blue, Black or Red. 

Customer Reviews

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Changed my relationship with my pup

From the first time I used the 15 foot leash with the belay system my walks became enjoyable and stress free. Each time I work with my pup, his behavior becomes better and better! Highly recommend!

Leash belay kit

Leash belay kit arrived quickly and is easy to use!

FrankO The Man
Leash Belay Hardware Kit

Again, Grisha Dog Store did it again, another great product all made in the great USA again not a piece of junk from China. It is very easy to use, well built, and takes the heavy strain from my 50 Lb dog off of my back and shoulder, and it makes it easier to control her and train our new rescue dog .

Sallie Smithwick

We love our Belay Hardware Kit! So easy to use.

Kristen Johnson
Game changer

My 1 and a half year old Australian Shepherd is not that big but he is strong and tries to run after well everything. Walking was becoming less and less fun. This was a game changer and saved both my relationship with the puppy and my shoulder. Thank you!