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The Ahimsa Dog Training manual is a great resource for your clients, adopted dogs, or new puppy parents. I wrote it to give to every one of my clients in private sessions and group classes. It saved me a LOT of time!

On this page, you can purchase the Ahimsa eBook in wholesale at 50% off in sets of 10. To order 20, select quantity of 2, for 30, select 3, and so on. When you complete your purchase, we will personally send you that many single-use codes for free copies of the book (that takes 1-2 days max). Your gift recipient then uses the code on the site at https://school.grishastewart.com/courses/ahimsa

Starting right from the basics, and working its way up to more advanced exercises, the Ahimsa Manual includes info on: how dogs learn, clicker training, how to get rid of bad behaviors (puppy biting, fear/aggression, separation anxiety, etc.), how to teach good behaviors (coming when called, the name, watch, relaxation, sit, down, stay, wait, touch, walking on leash, give, go to your bed,  and much much more!