Empowered Puppy Raising Online Course

$134.92 CAD

Format: On-Demand online course with videos, text, and self-study exercises.  This is a digital product. 

Puppyhood is a delicate time, where puppies are learning what's 'normal' in their world, and what is scary or should be avoided. 

This online course focuses on life skills versus the standard obedience-oriented approach. It can be taken as a stand-alone course or better, in conjunction with a well-run local puppy socialization and training course or private lessons from a trainer.

This course includes BAT for puppies, empowered counterconditioning techniques, and clicker training, among other things.

Completion certificate and Certified Professional Dog Trainer CEUS available.

NOTE: If you have already enrolled in this course or are a Diamond member of my online school, please visit the school and look in your Dashboard for access. You also should have an email with a link. Thanks!