Survival Skills for Dog Reactivity: BAT Empowerment Streaming Video 4

$40.20 CAD

Format: Streaming Video (1.12 hr).  This is a digital product.

Other available format(s): DVD (Physical Disc)

Sometimes we just don't want to be the one holding the leash with the barking-lunging-freaking-out-dog at the other end.

This video has practical solutions to help dogs hold it together on everyday walks. The dog can't do all of the work - sometimes that is your job, as the one with the larger brain and the thumbs.

One major difference between savvy dog trainers and regular pet lovers is that good professional trainers know how to take charge and set dogs up for success. But even pro trainers sometimes manage too much. It's a fine line.

I suggest a path between 1) reacting only when the dog is too excited to listen and 2) micromanaging to the point where the dog is not learning. I will teach you ways to prevent problems before they start, react when you have to, and set the dog up to learn as much as possible from each situation.

Completion certificate and Certified Professional Dog Trainer CEUS available (for the streaming version only).

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