BAT Set-Ups for Dog Reactivity: BAT Empowerment Streaming Video 5

$40.16 CAD

Format: Streaming Video (1.25 hr).  This is an online digital product. 

Other available format(s): DVD (Physical Disc).

Whether you are a dog trainer familiar with BAT or not, this video will help you understand how to put this effective tool to work. This is a short introduction to the technique, with a few variations, but it is enough for professionals to start implementing BAT.

If you are not a dog trainer or behaviorist, you will still find this video helpful, but I recommend working with a Certified BAT Instructor (CBATI) or a trainer who is experienced with reactivity, and is familiar with this latest version of BAT.

Completion certificate and Certified Professional Dog Trainer CEUS available (for the streaming version only).

NOTE: If you have already enrolled in this course or are a Diamond member of my online school, please visit the school and look in your Dashboard for access. You also should have an email with a link. Thanks!