BAT 2.0 Book for Dog Aggression, Frustration, & Fear (Signed Paperback)

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Format:  Signed Paperback Book. 

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With BAT 2.0, Grisha has completely overhauled Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) to create a new efficient and practical tool for dog reactivity.

Ideal for dog guardians and trainers, BAT 2.0 builds resilience and self-reliance by giving dogs safe opportunities to learn about people, dogs, or other triggers.

Clear enough for all readers to follow, this book also includes technical tips and bonus chapters just for dog behavior professionals.

Learn how to rehabilitate aggression, frustration, and fear. Discover survival skills to prevent reactivity on walks and at home. Plus top tips on how to use a long line to safely maximize your dog's freedom of movement.

Empower your dog to gain confidence and social skills!

"BAT 2.0 is a must-read for anyone who has or works with reactive dogs. For years, dogs all over the world have benefited from the successful philosophies and empowering techniques in BAT, but Grisha Stewart has taken it to the next level." - Victoria Stilwell, star of the television show, "It's Me Or the Dog" and author of "It's Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet," "Train Your Dog Positively," and "Fat Dog Slim" (UK/USA)

Customer Reviews

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Abigail Birnbryer
Thank you

This has already helped me to sort of re-establish my relationship with my dog. It's been really wonderful, thank you Grisha

Wilbur Morales
Very useful book

I don’t finished read the book yet but I learn so much right now that I practice all days with my dog. Recommended.

Alison Heins
Packed with un-packable information

Four months ago I adopted a highly reactive dog who was found as a stray. Fortunately she is not aggressive. She pulls on the leash to chase cars and barks at all vehicles, real and imagined. She barks at most people, even when they are at a distance. Even the wind puts her on high alert. I thought BAT training would help and eagerly awaited the arrival of this book. Unfortunately, I find the information to be inaccessible. My eyes glaze over when I try to assimilate the chapters. There is no way I could assemble the helpers to do the setups, and the time required would be prohibitive. My heart sinks every time I try, yet again, to understand the recommended techniques. Fortunately I have found other sources about dealing with reactivity that are much more helpful. I will probably donate this book to the library.

Hello Alison,

We are so sorry to hear that you have had such a poor experience with Grisha's book. You are right it is very technical and while not everyone who admires this book is a Professional Dog Trainer, it does cover
a lot of professional material.

We are sending you a complementary copy of Grisha's Ahimsa Dog Training Manual ebook in the hopes that you will find that more helpful. You should have received an email with the download information.

Aline Oliveira
Best book ever!!

The book is perfect itself. Helped me to provide comfort and safety to my dog and to others in the same environment. Furthermore, I've loved the front page fulfilled with love signed by Grisha. Thank you all!!

Glenda Moody

BAT 2.0 Book for Dog Aggression, Frustration, & Fear (Signed Paperback)